London in Lockdown Part 3 — Focus on Mannequins

I started taking photographs of mannequins during in Covid-19 pandemic back in March 2020 in the week the lockdown was announced. I’d walked to Hampstead on the Friday to kill two birds with one stone — for daily exercise and to buy bagels and challah at a bakery there. Hampstead is full of high end boutiques but this surreal sight caught my eye:

Here’s a series of photos featuring mannequins in this two month period. Below, a lingerie shop in Soho where the shadows cast by the metal grilles contribute to a connotation of caged imprisonment:

Surreal windows in Oxford Street:

Mannequins usually deploying sportswear now look like super-fit life models at an art class:

Surreal twins:

Colourful but dystopian street scene, May 2020

Locked in colour and silks in Berwick Street:

Lockdown mannequin in silks, Berwick Street, London

Magritte-like illusion in Hampstead:

Monochromatic mannequin abstract:

Illusion in Soho; not unique to the pandemic but taken in this period:

And finally, mystery in Brewer Street:

Originally published at Mish Aminoff.

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