I have been documenting behind the scenes with The London Lucumi Choir since I joined the choir in 2007.

Like most choirs in the UK our activity has been severely affected by the the Coronavirus pandemic and we have had to adjust in order to keep going and sing. Initially this meant regular Zoom rehearsals exclusively which had its pros and cons. On the one hand it was wonderful to see other peoples faces — some choir members who now live abroad or can’t travel to regular rehearsals were able to join. I could sing at the the top of…

I’ve recently returned from a restorative summer holiday in Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The following images were all taken on the trip and contain representations of palms and leafy elements.

The first two photographs were taken in an old café, C’an Joan de s’Aigo, where the speciality is a delicious traditional pastry called ensaimada. The floor tiles were striking and to me suggest the tops of palm trees seen from above:

I was in Paris for a couple of days to attend the opening of the Women Street Photographers exhibition at 59 Rivoli Gallery. As I was walking back to Gare du Nord to catch my Eurostar train, I noticed the mannequin hand in a men’s clothing store. Three fingers were broken, and just the thumb and index finger remained, giving me the illusion that it was pointing down at something.

I’ve been photographing a series of abstract yet documentary images taken in London’s disused telephone boxes. They all include fragments of tart cards — these are flyers featuring sexual services. To me they are ephemeral representations that reference the tradition of the female nude as well as 21st century notions of desire in the city.

I submitted a series of seven tart card abstracts to the Borders Art Fair, on the theme of Fragmented Identities. The work is currently being shown at the Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello in Venice. The exhibition, run by ITSLIQUID Group, runs till August 1, 2021.

In this blog I’m featuring photographs I’ve taken of animals whilst walking in my local neighbourhood. The selection spans both representations of animals and real living creatures, and is chosen from images taken over the past year.

I had a recent surprise encounter with a camel in Kentish Town. I was walking down a side street on my way to the MAP Studio Cafe when I saw a mural I didn’t know existed. It depicted smoking golden camel with some billowing purple smoke, perhaps a play on words referencing the Camel cigarette brand:

Since my original blog on Photographs Inspired by Earrings back in 2018 I’ve felt motivated to both capture instances of earring-wearing as well as reassess my relationship to a hitherto indispensable accessory. I was in Portobollo Road market last Saturday when amongst the crowd this young woman caught my attention. Doll’s hands, severed at the wrists, had been transformed into earrings that adorned her face:

Last Sunday I was in Highgate Woods when I encountered a man with straight, waist length hair wearing an elaborate turquoise brocade coat. He was wheeling a large suitcase along the path:

I usually dress in black with flashes of vibrant colour but recently have been gravitating to wearing lighter and brighter colours. I know it’s a natural instinct as the days become longer and warmer but I think that the extended Pandemic has played a part in this for me.

I’ve noticed other people in London embracing colour in a celebratory way. On April 12, 2021 non-essential shops were allowed to open and I went into Carnaby Street and Soho. There was definitely a feeling that the public after months of lockdown were ditching their pjs and craving glamour. It was…

The blossoms are out and the days are getting longer. I’ve been trying to live more in the moment as a way of coping with life under lockdown, and perhaps I’ve been even more tuned in than usual to changes in my immediate environment. In essence it is the notion of Carpe Diem — seizing the day, celebrating what we have rather than plan for future events.

I took this photo the other day — a girl spinning round under the blossoms at Regent’s Park:

Mish Aminoff

Photographer and interdisciplinary artist living in London; photography-based blogs combining image and commentary.

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